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If you’re getting married and thinking of booking a harpist, the harp is the perfect choice for any part of your special day. Be it the ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast the harp compliments every aspect of your nuptials.

Picture your guests arriving for your ceremony greeted to the gentle sound of the harp, and the spine tingling moment you walk down the aisle serenaded by you and your fianceé’s most special song.

Imagine relaxing at your drinks reception, chatting with your guests and enjoying the gentle sound of the harp in the background, or feasting at your wedding breakfast and enjoying the harp’s music whilst your guests dine.

Rhian can be booked in any combination – ceremony only, ceremony and drinks, drinks and wedding breakfast, or your entire day. The harp is easily transportable and can be moved from one venue to another, i.e. from Church to wedding venue, and from different areas within your wedding venue, from your drinks ceremony to your wedding breakfast.

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Variety of Music

As you will see from Rhian’s playlist she has hours of music in a variety of styles catering to differing tastes – popular classics, songs from shows, pop and rock songs, film music, cocktail music, folk music and even Bollywood music. Should you wish to choose a song or piece of music which isn’t on her playlist Rhian will endeavour to meet any special requests. This personalised service comes at an extra charge to meet the cost of music purchases and time spent arranging music.

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Thanks to her contacts with the Ulster Orchestra it is possible to book Rhian to play with other instrumentalists – flute, violin, cello and voice all work perfectly with the harp.

If you have a family member or guest who would like to perform at your ceremony Rhian is also able to provide accompaniment if necessary. Rhian usually plays her harp acoustically, but if you have a particularly large wedding she has access to an amp and microphone and can provide additional amplification.

Over the years Rhian has played at hundreds of weddings and has performed in some of the most picturesque and unique wedding venues in Northern Ireland. She loves working with couples to ensure the music they choose for their wedding fulfils their dreams for the day, and leaves guests delighted to have experienced music from this distinguished harpist.

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